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Our Goals

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Village Rights International is focused on meeting concrete, measurable goals. To keep updated on how we're advancing in these projects, check our updates often.

Short Term Goals:

1. Spread the word of VRI via Social Media! Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Linkedin!

2. Complete Phase 2 of Indigenous Rights Legal Education Project (March, 2015)

3. Participate in Survey Trip for clean water project with Solea Water in the village of Wala (April, 2015)

Medium Term Goals:

1. Secure territorial boundaries from incursions from agriculturalist and illegal loggers.

2. Establish functioning territorial committees involving indigenous leaders and representatives from relevant government agencies.

3. Develop and enforce equitable long-term contracts for sustainable forest harvesting between communities and logging companies. 

4. Advance awareness of legal rights and responsibilities among community members through workshops, exchanges, and educational grants. 

Medium Term Projects:

1. Participatory survey of legal and institutional issues faced by all three Wargandi communities.

2. Technical and financial support to local NGO’s to facilitate representation of indigenous people in decision making.

3. Training of indigenous community members in legal and institutional issues. 

4. Advocacy for greater involvement of indigenous peoples, especially in the social, economic and political decision-making processes.

Long Term Goals:

1. Support the work of local indigenous attorneys advocating for their own communities.

2. Spread the work of VRI to other indigenous communities in Panama and beyond!

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